NFL Picks: Week 14


panthers at  jaguars

Line: Jaguars by 10.5

My pick: I actually think Carolina’s a better team than they’ve played this year, and they’re much better when Vinny’s in than when Carr is. I still think Jacksonville wins it, but Carolina plays it tough.

Jaguars 24, Panthers 20

Jennifer:  Jaguars


cowboys at lions

Line: Cowboys by 11

My pick: A 2-13 Lions team beat the Cowboys in the final game of the season last year, and this year, it’s in Detroit. But Dallas actually has a reason to run up the score today … they’re incredibly pissed about last year. This game scares me a little, but I think Dallas runs away in the second half.

Cowboys 41, Lions 24 

Jennifer:  Cowboys


raiders at packers

Line: Packers by 10.5

My pick: Green Bay’s had 10 days to regroup from the Cowboys loss. This one should be fairly easy.

Packers 31, Raiders 17

Jennifer: Go Pack! Go Pack! Go Pack! PACKERS!


chargers at titans

Line: Even

My pick: Maybe the “Madden Curse” for Vince Young this year is just simple mediocrity.

Chargers 27, Titans 25

Jennifer: Chargers


giants at eagles

Line:  Eagles by 3

My pick: New York is trying to shed the label of December Chokers. Philly’s pretty much out of it.

Giants 21, Eagles 17

Jennifer: Gigantes


bucs at texans 

Line: Bucs by 3

My pick: This is one of those weird games where the helmets don’t look right playing against each other (like Steelers/Cardinals). I can’t explain it. That said, Houston stinks. Sorry, Greg… maybe this will mean they win.

Bucs 28, Texans 19

Jennifer: Bucs


dolphins at bills

Line: Bills by 7

My pick: I’d really like to see Miami win a game, but after giving up 40 to the Jets last week, I’m not picking them anymore.

Bills 17, Dolphins 14

Jennifer: BILLS


rams at bengals

Line: Bengals by 6.5

My pick: I bet few thought this game would mean absolutely nothing in December.

Bengals 30, Rams 23

Jennifer: RAMS


vikings at 49ers 

Line: Vikings by 8.5

My pick: Of all the NFC teams possibly heading into the playoffs this year, Minnesota scares me the most as a possible loss for the Cowboys.

Vikings 40, 49ers 14

Jennifer: VIKINGS


cardinals at seahawks 

Line: Seahawks by 7

My pick: It’s killing me to pick  against Seattle all year, but I truly think Arizona can win this one. D’oh.

Cardinals 34, Seahawks 31

Jennifer: SEAHAWKS


steelers at patriots

Line: Patriots by 10.5

My pick: I think a lot of people are picking PIttsburgh to win simply because they WANT to see New England lose. Sure, I’d like to see the underdog win, but I don’t think it’s happening this week. Only way New England loses this year is if it’s by Indy or Dallas in the playoffs.

Patriots 37, Steelers 24

Jennifer: PATRIOTS


browns at Jets 

Line: Browns by 3

My pick: I really like New York’s throwback jerseys. It doesn’t mean they’ll win this week.

Browns 34, Jets 17

Jennifer: BROWNS


chiefs at broncos 

Line: Broncos by 7

My pick: I just don’t know on this one. Bleh.

Broncos 25, Chiefs 21

Jennifer: BRONCOS


colts at ravens

Line: Colts by 9

My pick: After last week’s meltdown, I don’t think Baltimore has it in them to play with THAT much emotion two weeks in a row.

Colts 31, Ravens 10

Jennifer: COLTS


saints at falcons

Line: Saints by 3

My pick: Chris Redman is the third starting QB for Atlanta this year. He probably won’t be the last.

Saints 38, Falcons 14

Jennifer:  SAINTS


One thought on “NFL Picks: Week 14

  1. Well, as one might assume(correctly) by the name(incorrectly), I am a Pittsburgh fan. But what one might get wrong is why I am a fan of the Steelers.

    You see, it is really just an amazing coincidence that the QB of the Steelers shares my last name.

    In fact, I like to remind those that inquire that: “Actually I am from Pittsburgh, Ben is not. And he has MY last name.” *laugh*

    My paternal side of the family is actually from Pittsburgh, and I spent the majority of my first 10 kiddo years living in the suburbs there. My father, being from Pittsburgh, was a die-hard Steelers fan, and this was during the ’70s heydays of Bradshaw, Green, Harris, Lambert, etc… so it was very exciting and molded my impression of pro football.

    To this day it is odd to me to watch any football game with snazzy graphics, or it not to be overcast and chilly outside.

    Unfortunately I have to admit that even though I went to high school and university in Arlington, TX… my allegiance to Pittsburgh and the Steeler/Cowboy rivalries of that time requires that I cannot be a fan of the Cowboys 😉

    But to the point of the blog entry above, I too was hoping that the Steelers may have been the team to derail the Patriots’ winning streak this last Sunday, but I didn’t hold much hope it would actually occur. And of course, the Patriots came through and dominated the second half.

    For whatever reason, actual greatness, luck, or a combination of both… the Patriots seem to be nearly faultless this season, and the final score and record shows it.

    Unfortunately the Steelers didn’t pull off an amazing win, and the Patriots continue their undefeated streak. Which I have to admit, not even being a Patriots fan, I am pretty impressed with and to some degree hope they are able to make it all the way to the end without a loss. That would be pretty amazing after all.

    We’ll just have to wait and see…


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