Error in today’s Herald

My least favorite thing in the world is waking up and discovering an error in that day’s paper. It’s like waking up, energized and ready to face the day, only to be punched in the gut … and the pain sticks with you until day’s end … sometimes longer. If I could make the picture of me on this page frown today, I would.
In today’s Herald, our top headline states a man was arrested for the beating of three elderly women north of Pittsboro. It was a woman. A man was the original suspect, and thus the original headline, but when we received the story late last night from our sister paper in Durham, we failed to change the headline.
In the grand scheme of things (which is where I always prefer to look), it’s not going to kill us, but it hurts our credibility, and I feel I owe it to our readers to explain our mistakes.
I apologize for the mistake, and I assure you we are doing everything we can to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

— Billy Liggett

I’m including the corrected version, which will appear on our Web site (whenever it gets updated) and


One thought on “Error in today’s Herald

  1. Looks like the Saturday night crew was less than on the ball in putting Sunday’s edition together Billy. Your headline story, “LCHS Parents aren’t giving up”, has “See Parity, page 5A” at the end of the story. But, no story continuation on 5A. Or on any other page for that matter.

    That’s the second time in two weeks I’ve seen that. You might want to build a fire under someone’s rear end and have them pay a little closer attention to detail.

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