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Les Miles

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The following post is from my wife, Jennifer, a born-and-bred LSU fan. Jennifer has been going on and on about the greatness of Les Miles, who a) just announced he’s not going to Michigan and b) just led the Tigers to the BCS title game. So I asked her to put her words to paper, and that she did. I present to you the greatness of Les Miles, as told by Jennifer:

Three years ago, after Nick Saban broke my heart the first time, I heard the name Les Miles for the first time.
Still hopelessly in love with Nick Saban, I set a pretty high standard for the new head coach of LSU. Les Miles was a name I’d never heard, and he came from lowly Oklahoma State. How on earth could this new guy fill the shoes of the man who brought a National Championship back to Death Valley?
And I don’t think I was alone. LSU fans had forgotten what that success tasted like, and we were hungry for more. This new guy had a lot to prove before we opened our hearts to him.
Nick Saban still had my heart as Miles was quietly building his own Tiger legacy.
Season 1 brought us a record of 11-2 and a win at the Peach Bowl, but even then we were crediting Saban for the success. Slowly during his second season, I was finding myself letting go of Saban. Miles brought the Tigers to the Sugar Bowl where it became glaringly obvious to everyone that we should have been at the title game.
And then there is this season, where I fully embraced Les Miles as the coach of my beloved Tigers…only to go through the heartbreaking scare of him leaving for Michigan.
We have a way of describing Les Miles at my house that is unsuitable for print. So let’s just say that he’s the gutsiest coach in college ball. Maybe even in the NFL.
I mean, have you seen some of his play calling? He’s got some of the greatest trick plays I’ve seen. (That fake field goal where Matt Flynn took the time to put the ball on the ground before tossing it back to the kicker ala Pistol Pete was incredible. I could watch that over and over and never get tired of seeing it.)
He makes these crazy decisions with the game on the line and no time left that are terrifying, and it almost always work out. He’s exciting, he’s really good at what he does and he’s passionate. He absolutely embodies what Tiger football is all about, and I love him for that.
But his winning record, his gutsy calls and obvious love for LSU aren’t the only reasons I’m happy to call him Coach. Have you heard him speak to refs, sideline reporters and the media? He is so great. Miles doesn’t take crap from anyone and he’s happy to tell you as much. I love listening to the man! “I’m the head coach.” “I represent me in this matter.” “Have a great day.”
I can’t tell you how great it feels to have someone like him on your side. So great that when my Dad called to tell me Miles wasn’t going to Michigan, I didn’t even care that I was cheering and clapping inside a crowded Chick-Fil-A.
And now he has seen us through this topsy-turvy college football season and is bringing us to another title game.
Thank you, Coach Miles, you have certainly proved yourself to this Tiger Fan.


3 thoughts on “Jennifer loves Les

  1. What are you going to say when, in a month after the national title game, he splits for Ann Arbor?

    It has haapened to me. I’m looking to you, Mack Brown…

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