Mattel’s handheld football game

As Christmas approaches, throughout December, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite toys I found under the tree during my younger days in the 1980s.
foosball One of my favorite things in the history of ever was Mattel’s handheld football game. We didn’t have your fancy Gameboys or PSPs back in the good old 80s. Nope, we had football games with tiny red dots, and the object of the game was to get your bright red dot past the dull red dots and score a touchdown.
Sounds like the most boring thing in the world, today, I would imagine. But to me, my bright red dot may as well have been Tony Dorsett breaking through the Washington Redskins’ defense.
I probably went through a hundred batteries with this game growing up, playing it in the backseat of the car on long trips (and short ones).
I’ll admit, today’s handhelds are a million times better … I won’t even pretend stuff was better in my day. But I do get nostalgic when I see these little games in antique stores now (c’mon, they’re only 20 years old), or in novelty toy stores.
Thanks, Mattel, for red dot football. My childhood owes you.


5 thoughts on “Mattel’s handheld football game

  1. Ooh…Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse. Even though I walked into my parent’s bedroom and saw it made up and sitting there, I was shocked to find it under the tree Christmas morning!

    I can still picture the little pink living room chairs, pink and green bed and the cute oven in the kitchen!

  2. Ha, I think I had one of those…. either that, or one of my buddies must have, because I totally recall punching the buttons on that little game.

    … an example for a slightly younger audience, but who also remembers the “Little Professor” ?


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  4. I was given Mattel’s “Baseball” game in 1978. Still have it, still play it to this day. At the same time, I was given the green 1978 edition “Football” game; IT was dropped in the toilet by my baby sister (in 1982). I have looked for a replacement to THAT one ever since.
    In August 2008, I was shopping a local thrift store, and found the white “Football” classic for $2- It was used but WELL taken care of by the last owner. At the same store, I found the green “Classic Football” from 2002 (this one looks as if it was used once or twice).
    I’m not too impressed with the re-release of these games. The AA batts don’t give the same staying power that the old 9V games did.

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