NFL Picks: Week 11

It’s been a great football year for both me and Jennifer. My Cowboys are 8-1 and getting better, her Packers are 8-1 and will probably keep winning until they play the Cowboys in a few weeks, and the LSU Tigers are ranked No. 1 in the nation. I really don’t think it can get better than that.

But the one bad thing about the year is Jennifer has finally tied me in our yearlong picks. I’ve struggled the past few weeks, and she’s caught up with consistently good weeks. I say that’ll change this week.

From Jennifer:So, for the past several weeks, I have sent my picks in to Billy before “deadline.” And, for the past several weeks, he has not posted them on time and has left my comments out. So when he asked me yesterday for my picks, I decided to hold out on him just because I could. Then I thought, I better get my picks in so I can keep kicking his butt!

Last week’s rundown:
Straight up — Billy 7-7 (90-54 overall); Jennifer 8-6 (90-54 overall)
Against the line — Billy 7-6-1 (76-62-6 overall)

cardinals at bengals
Line: Bengals by 3
My pick: I think Cincinnati’s a better team, but I’ve been burned several times picking them this year. I just don’t know what to do. I’ll go with my heart and pick Arizona (their coach is very familiar with the AFC North).
Cardinals 25, Bengals 21
Jennifer: The Bengals are pretty crappy this year. Just not as crappy as the Cardinals. BENGALS.

browns at ravens
Line: Browns by 3
My pick: I think Cleveland proved in the loss at Pittsburgh that they’re not a fluke. I think that loss actually gave them more confidence. Baltimore, however, stinks a fat one.
Browns 24, Ravens 16
Jennifer: I don’t even know what their records are, I just know that the Browns nearly pulled off another win over the Steelers. BROWNS.

redskins at cowboys
Line: Dallas by 10.5
My pick: This one scares me. The year Dallas went 1-15, their only win was against Washington. When Washington was 14-2, one of their losses was to Dallas. During Dallas’ Super Bowl run in the 1990s, the Redskins could still beat them. Point is, no matter what’s going on … these two teams can hurt each other. I’ll still take Dallas, but Washington covers.
Cowboys 34, Redskins 26
Jennifer: Why do the Cowboys keep winning? Why is this happening to me? COWBOYS.

panthers at packers
Line: Packers by 10
My pick: This one really shouldn’t be close. Green Bay’s on a roll, they need the win to stay ahead of Detroit (whom they face just four days later), and it’s getting cold on the tundra.
Packers 30, Panthers 13

saints at texans
Line: Texans by 1
My pick: Just when you thought the Saints were cruising .. bam, the winless Rams beat them in New Orleans. Still, Houston’s just as wishy-washy this year. I’m going Saints.
Saints 40, Texans 27
Jennifer: What the hell. I mean really. The Rams? The Saints lost to the Rams? After that, nothing tells me they’re a sure win over the Texans. Still…SAINTS.

chiefs at colts
Line: Colts by 14.5
My pick: Unfortunately for the Chiefs, who are improving, they have no chance this week. Injuries or no injuries, Indy’s going to take out their frustrations on poor KC.
Colts 37, Chiefs 13
Jennifer: Stupid Colts. What WAS that last week? Six interceptions by Manning? I’ve never seen such a thing. I’m looking for them to bounce back with a vengeance! COLTS.

chargers at jaguars
Line: Jaguars by 3
My pick: This is the best match-up of the week, simply because I have no idea which way it’ll go. Here’s a guess, though.
Chargers 24, Jaguars 20
Jennifer: Why are the Chargers suddenly winning when I don’t want them to? Like last week over my Colts? This week, I’d like them to win…let’s see if they can do that for me. CHARGERS.

raiders at vikings
Line: Vikings by 5.5
My pick: I’m going to say without Adrian Peterson, the Vikes don’t have a chance. Plus, Daunte Culpepper’s coming back to Minnesota, they only place he ever really fit in.
Raiders 26, Vikings 21
Jennifer: Poor Vikings. Lost again to my Packers AND you lost Peterson for the week. Looks like you’ll lose again this week. RAIDERS.

patriots at bills
Line: Patriots by 14.5
My pick: I don’t think the Patriots will roll in Buffalo like they’ve rolled this year … but they’ll still win.
Patriots 28, Bills 17
Jennifer: See, even on paper this doesn’t look like a fun game to watch. It’ll be the Pats stomping all over the Bills. Where’s the fun in that? PATRIOTS.

giants at lions
Line: Giants by 3
My pick: Strange, but I’ve always liked Detroit’s helmets. This has nothing to do with the game, but I wanted to throw it out there. Giants are the better team here.
Giants 30, Lions 28
Jennifer: Dallas tore the Giants apart last week, but I don’t think the Lions will have the same effect on them this week. GIGANTES.

dolphins at eagles
Line: Eagles by 10
My pick: John Beck will breathe a little life into the Dolphins, but not enough for a win this week.
Eagles 31, Dolphins 20
Jennifer: Eagles fans: get ready to celebrate. EAGLES.

steelers at Jets
Line: Steelers by 9
My pick: The Jets may end up with a worse record than the Dolphins this year. Ouch.
Steelers 38, Jets 17
Jennifer: STEELERS.

bears at seahawks
Line: Seahawks by 6
My pick: The return of Rex Grossman will equal a win this week, which will in turn give Chicago fans false hope, because two weeks later, Grossman will throw 5 ints in a game and be booed. That … and the Seahawks suck.
Bears 28, Seahawks 21
Jennifer: Grrr…I’m getting really angry with all the terrible teams in the NFL this year. Here’s another lackluster game I won’t be watching. SEAHAWKS.

rams at 49ers
Line: Rams by 3
My pick: A 1-8 team favored by 3 on the road? It was a fluke, I say!
49ers 17, Rams 14
Jennifer: Who cares? RAMS on a 2-win streak.

bucs at falcons
Line: Bucs by 3
My pick: Here’s some confidence for you, Joey Harrington. Lead our team to two straight victories, get ready to start against a division rival, and four days before the game, we’re going to tell the media that Byron Leftwich is still our man … even though he’s still injured. Poor Joey.
Falcons 27, Bucs 24
Jennifer: I’m having a hard time with this one because I don’t know what either of these teams are doing…which must mean they suck. I’m going with the BUCS on this one.

titans at broncos
Line: Broncos by 2
My pick: Vince Young’s magic is starting to wear off a little.
Broncos 27, Titans 21
Jennifer: For Monday night? This is actually my toughest pick this week. I don’t have a gut choice that’s screaming out for me to pick either team. All right…flip a coin…heads: Titans, tails: Broncos…coin in air and it’s heads. TITANS.


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