Election Front Page

It was a long night (I’m posting this at 12:29 a.m. Wednesday), but all in all, this was a stress-free Election Night for The Herald. Typically, results come in much later than expected or there are so many races, it gets tough to get all the information in the two-hour window between final tallies and deadline.

We got the unofficial final votes around 10:15 Tuesday night, which meant we had plenty of time to get a lot of stuff in. The only setback was the Ward 5 Sanford City Council race, which still isn’t “official” because Linwood Mann and Earl Barker are separated by only five votes.

So here’s Wednesday’s front page for those of you who stayed up late …


In addition to it being a good night for Mike Stone, Charles Taylor, Clem Welch, Woody Beale and Lynne Green (candidates we endorsed), it was also a good night for The Herald. My blog got 300 hits Tuesday night between 9 p.m. and midnight (I average 150 hits daily). Hopefully, when our actual Web site is improved, our site will become Election Central for those of you looking for instant results.

I’m going to be on vacation starting today (Wednesday) through Sunday. I’ll be able to check e-mail, but not that often, and I’ll be refreshed and ready for another thrilling month come next week.

Until then, enjoy a week of no campaigns.

P.S.: Had Lora Wright won, the headline would have been “Wright on” … headline writing is so fun and nerdy.


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