NFL Picks: Week 7

Last week’s rundown:
Straight up — Billy 6-7 (55-34 overall); Jennifer 9-4 (49-40 overall)
Against the line — Billy 4-8-1 (42-43-4 overall)

It was a horrible week for me last week. For the first time, Jennifer beat me in the straight-up picks; and for the first time, I dropped below .500 in my picks against the line this week.
It was also Dallas’ first loss of the year.
So, yeah, crappy week of football.
But that’s the great thing about life. There’s always a tomorrow (speaking of, go see Annie at the Temple Theatre this week). And I’m excited about this week’s crop of games. I have a pretty good feeling about them, in fact.
So we’ll see where that takes me.

patriots at dolphins
Line: Patriots by 14
I’m this close to picking Miami to cover, only because of Tom Brady’s troubles in Miami over the years. But as I witnessed by Cowboys get drilled last week, I also saw that this is a different Patriots team this year. I don’t pick against Tom Brady until he proves me wrong.
My pick: Patriots 38, Dolphins 10
Jennifer: Do the Patriots even have a trap game this season?  I mean, really, they look so “on” that I don’t think losing is in their future.  Did I just jinx them?  PATRIOTS.

falcons at saints
Line: Saints by 9
Well, suddenly New Orleans wins one and they’re favored by nearly 10 points. Something’s fishy about it … but last week was the first time I picked against the Saints, and they won. I’m hoping they win again, so I’ll just say Atlanta covers the spread.
My pick: Saints 24, Falcons 17
Jennifer: Well, the poor ol’ Saints finally won.  The Falcons have given the Saints hell, year after year, but I think the Saints continue their upswing and take the Falcons down.  SAINTS.

49ers at giants
Line: Giants by 10
New York’s looked good the past four weeks, San Fransisco not so much. But get this … the G-Men won’t be able to stop Frank Gore. This will be closer than you think.
My pick: Giants 31, 49ers 26
Jennifer: GIGANTES.  Why is that so much fun for me to say?

titans at texans
Line: Texans by 1
The old Oilers at the new Oilers. I thought it was funny how the city of Houston tried to make this a rivalry when they began playing each other, but it’s just not. Instead, Houston still wishes it had Vince Young. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like the Titans will have him this week either.
My pick: Texans 23, Titans 21
Jennifer: This is a toss up, if you ask me.  TITANS.

ravens at bills
Line: Ravens by 3
Those tough luck Bills finally win one this week against an overrated Ravens squad.
My pick: Bills 20, Ravens 13
Jennifer: Boo.  Bring better games.  RAVENS

cardinals at redskins
Line: Redskins by 7
I really don’t want the Skins to win this one, but I think they will. Arizona’s up and down, and I’d pick them if they were at home. Bleh.
My pick: Redskins 28, Cardinals 24
Jennifer: Redskins are looking for redemption after losing to Green Bay (Go Pack!) and the Giants.  REDSKINS

bucs at lions
Line: Lions by 2
Lions by 2? Lions by 2? Wrong. They’re still the Lions. I know Tampa looked bad last week, but they’re allowed to have one of those.
My pick: Bucs 34, Lions 31
Jennifer: Tampa Bay has looked OK, but for some reason my gut’s telling me LIONS.

chiefs at raiders
Line: Raiders by 3
At the beginning of the year, I picked Kansas City as a sleeper team. I’m amazed that so far, they’re hanging in there. But on the road against a division rival that’s getting better … I just don’t know.
My pick: Raiders 21, Chiefs 17
Jennifer: Chiefs beat San Diego who beat Oakland.  That logic tells me CHIEFS.

Jets at bengals
Line: Bengals by 6
I think Cincy’s single-handedly to blame for my poor record this year. I think they’re going to get out of this funk, and they never do. Oh well, here’s to not learning.
My pick: Bengals 34, Jets 21
Jennifer: C’mon, Jets.  Let’s get a W.  JETS.

vikings at cowboys
Line: Cowboys by 10
I’m going to pretend last week didn’t happen (Patriots who?). I’m also going to pretend Adrian Peterson isn’t the greatest running back in the world. Dallas actually has a pretty good run defense, it’s the passing game that scares me to death. Luckily, Tavaris Jackson isn’t scaring me in this one.
My pick: Cowboys 34, Vikings 17
Jennifer: (Evil laugh) A hahahahahaha!!  Finally, the Boys lose!  They didn’t look half bad, but they didn’t look half great either.  Still, they redeem themselves this week with an easy W over the Vikings.  COWBOYS.  (Side note:  Billy took the Cowboys loss quite well.  Sure, it was too painful for him to see the final two minutes and so he got up and left the room, leaving me to celebrate as the Pats squeezed in one more TD.  But he did so calmly and without blurting expletives like I did when LSU lost on Saturday.  And, unlike me, their loss didn’t throw him out of sorts and make him testy for the rest of the day.)

bears at eagles
Line: Eagles by 6
Loser of this one can pretty much start looking forward to 2008. I’m amazed I’m writing that about this game. Upset of the week?
My pick: Bears 28, Eagles 24
Jennifer: Bears have lost to the Lions and Vikings and I don’t see them bringing down the Eagles.  EAGLES.

rams at seahawks
Line: Seahawks by 9
My Seahawks suck state of mind has looked brilliant the past two weeks. However, the Rams REALLY suck.
My picks: Seahawks 20, Rams 10
Jennifer: Battle of the crapsters.  I think the SEAHAWKS are just slightly less crappy.

steelers at broncos
Line: Steelers by 3.5
Broncos have a chance, only because they’re at home. But Pittsburgh’s looking too good.
My pick: Steelers 27, Broncos 20
Jennifer: STEELERS.

colts at jaguars
Line: Colts by 3.5
Indy’s had two weeks to prepare for this. That’s like giving Peyton Manning all the answers before the pop quiz.
My pick: Colts 30, Jags 24
Jennifer: COLTS

Parting words from Jennifer: I just want to say that with the Packers on a bye, the Cowboys sure win and a lot of matchups that are quite boring and uniteresting, I’m not looking forward to football this Sunday.  I never realized how few teams I actually care about watching and keeping up with there are until I started doing this.


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