Latino series

Just one comment from a reader, whose name I hold, concerning our monthlong series on the local Latino community …

“Every single criminal thing in our area is caused by illegal immigrations. I wish to God I never moved to this state.”

There was a lot more to it. I just thought I’d share.


2 thoughts on “Latino series

  1. Can we ask the owner of that statement where they come from and can they honestly say that where they are from is any better.

    Unfortuantely illegal immigration (regardless of where they come from and their ethnic background) has caused many problems for many people, but the people it has hurt the worst are those immigrants who are trying to get into the US the right way.

  2. The person who made the statement about all crimes in your area being caused by illegal immigrations, needs to support their claim with facts and figures.

    As far as being sorry that they moved there, I would suggest they leave there and find that perfect place where crimes are committed ONLY by there own ethnic group.

    I only know of one PERFECT place where ALL are equal. I’m not there yet, are you?

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