Radiohead album comes out in 10 days

Well, just the other day I was thinking … when’s the next Radiohead album coming out? Turns out, in a less than two weeks … all of the sudden.

RadioheadIn a radical move, Radiohead is releasing its seventh studio release “In Rainbows” on Oct. 10. The “radical” part of it is this — they’re putting it on the Internet, and the price tag is “whatever you want to pay for it.”

The reasoning, Radiohead figures those who offer 5 cents or something equally low are the same people who would have stolen it or pirated it for free.

Click here for a link to the story from Time Magazine’s Web site.
From the article: “In Rainbows will be released as a digital download available only via the band’s web site, There’s no label or distribution partner to cut into the band’s profits — but then there may not be any profits. Drop In Rainbows’ 15 songs into the on-line checkout basket and a question mark pops up where the price would normally be. Click it, and the prompt “It’s Up To You” appears. Click again and it refreshes with the words “It’s Really Up To You” — and really, it is. It’s the first major album whose price is determined by what individual consumers want to pay for it. And it’s perfectly acceptable to pay nothing at all.”

My thoughts? This is probably brilliant. Then again, Radiohead’s a band that’s pretty much waved its middle finger at “the norm” in the music industry. They’re a band I really got into after OK Computer’s release, and they’re a band I’ve defended after recent albums didn’t strike a “popular” chord with a lot of American fans.

So how much would I pay for a Radiohead album (which, by the way, I’m completely spoiler-free from)? I don’t know, to be honest. I guess I want this move to work for them, so I may pay the full “whatever albums cost” price.

I guess I’ll make that decision when I get there.


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