Redesign: A good day

redesign0925A redesign0925B

redesign0925CIt’s been just over a month since we launched our redesign at The Herald, and I’m finally beginning to think we’re getting the hang of it. In addition to the whole new look and feel, we’ve been using a new software program to design the paper (we used Quark XPress, now we use Adobe InDesign).

I’m posting the front covers of today’s A, B and C section today just to show what we’re doing. If you’re not reading us … we’re an ever-improving newspaper, and I hope you give us a shot. If you are reading us, I hope to get more feedback (like today’s sudoku mess-up … we’ll get it fixed).

Kudos go out to my staff, who’ve taken on this behemoth of a project with only a few gripes here and there. There’ve been growing pains the past month, but I hope they’re beginning to see the fruits of their labor. As for me … maybe I can take a day off soon, now. 😉


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