NFL picks: Week 3

Week 2 was a good one for me … not so much for Jennifer. But it’s a long year, and I’m sure it won’t always be roses for me.
Note from Jennifer: OK…so, my picks totally sucked last week. BUT! I think I should be given some slack since I literally typed them in and sent them to Billy in 5 minutes as it was the day before the Chamber’s golf tourney.
Now that that’s out of the way, hopefully my picks will get much better! If not, I blame a serious lack of sleep and rest. I guess we’ll see.

Last week’s rundown:
Straight up — Billy 12-4 (22-10 overall); Jennifer 7-9 (17-15 overall)
Against the line — Billy 8-7-1 (17-13-2 overall)
My closest picks: Bears 19, Chiefs 10 (actual score: Bears 20, Chiefs 10)
My worst pick: Bengals 32, Browns 17 (actual score: Browns 51, Bengals 45)

dolphins at Jets
Line: Jets by 3
I actually don’t think Miami has looked that bad the first few weeks. They’re working out the kinks with a new coach, and they’re doing the best they can with the statuesque Trent Green at QB. I think they pull off the minor upset.
My pick: Dolphins 22, Jets 20
Jennifer’s pick: What happened to Mangini and his Jets? The dream team from last year can’t even beat the Ravens this year. DOLPHINS.

lions at eagles
Line: Eagles by 7
Eagles fans are ready to slit their wrists, while Lions fans are ready to put Jon Kitna in the Hall of Fame. The Lions are awful on the road, and Philly is treating this as a must win.
My pick: Eagles 31, Lions 21
Jennifer’s pick: Really not interested in what happens here. I think this will be the Eagles’ week. EAGLES.

49ers at steelers
Line: Steelers by 8.5
We’re going back to a time when San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Green Bay are all undefeated. Break out the flannel shirts. In this case, the Steelers are just the better team, but San Fran covers.
My pick: Steelers 20, 49ers 17
Jennifer’s pick: One of these teams will not be undefeated going into Week 4. Probably the Niners. STEELERS.

bills at patriots
Line: Patriots by 14
I hate picking an NFL team to cover by two touchdowns, but these are the Patriots, and you just can’t pick against Tom Brady at home.
My pick: Patriots 37, Bills 13
Jennifer’s pick: It seems that nothing can stop Tom Brady and his Pats. Not even having to play without the spies. (I mean really. You have Tom Brady. Why do you need spies?) PATRIOTS.

rams at bucs
Line: Buccaneers by 3.5
Jeff Garcia seems to be a good fit for the Yucs. In St. Louis, Marc Bulger seems to be suffering from Kurt Warner Disease … a few great years in a high-powered offense followed by a sudden case of suck.
My pick: Bucs 28, Rams 24
Jennifer’s pick: Stupid Rams. This team makes me so mad. BUCS.

cardinals at ravens
Line: Ravens by 9
Arizona is a better team than they’ve been in the past, but they’re still not ready for the road. But they will cover.
My pick: Ravens 17, Cardinals 14
Jennifer’s pick: I’m going on pure gut here and the fact that I couldn’t care less about either: CARDINALS.

colts at texans
Line: Colts by 5
The Texans may be for real, but these are the Colts, and Houston comes into this game missing their top threat on offense (Andre Johnson).
My pick: Colts 34, Texans 21
Jennifer’s pick: OK, so the Texans are 2-0. The Texans! I said in the first week that they’d have to do a lot more than replace their QB and Coach to really improve, so I guess I was wrong. However, I simply do not believe that they can overcome Peyton, Joe and the rest of the Colts. At least, they better not. COLTS

chargers at packers
Line: Chargers by 3.5
I think Ladanian Tomlinson takes his two-week frustration and goes nuts on a good Packers defense. The Pack seem to play worse at home, anyway.
My pick: Chargers 27, Packers 20
Jennifer’s pick: Stupid Chargers ruined my night last Sunday. Have they just forgotten how to play football? And you all already know that I’m always going to pick Green Bay. GO PACK.

vikings at chiefs
Line: Chiefs by 2
Kansas City really has no right to be favored in this game … it probably says more about Minnesota than anything. But I think the Vikings are better here, even with an awful QB.
My pick: Vikings 23, Chiefs 13
Jennifer’s pick: Will this be the week the Chiefs finally win one? Nope. VIKINGS

browns at raiders
Line: Raiders by 3
Which Browns team will show up? The one that kicked a field goal against Pittsburgh or the team that racked up half a century on Cincy? I think it’s the first.
My pick: Raiders 27, Browns 14
Jennifer’s pick: Do you think the NFL sees games like this and thinks, “Crap, can’t we get some better matchups?” Still, the Browns shocked me last week with that high-scoring win over Cinci. BROWNS.

jaguars at broncos
Line: Broncos by 3.5
Denver hasn’t exactly overpowered the Bills or Raiders in going 2-0, relying on game-winning field goals in both games. Jacksonville, on the other hand, has looked even worse. It’s a toss up, but I’ll go with my gut — Jaguars on a last second field goal.
My pick: Jaguars 24, Broncos 23
Jennifer’s pick: The Broncos haven’t looked great, but they do have a little magic helping them win each week. I think it works again this week. BRONCOS.

bengals at seahawks
Line: Seahawks by 3
I don’t care if Cincy gave up 51 to Cleveland, I contend the Seahawks stink.
My pick: Bengals 45, Seahawks 20
Jennifer’s pick: The Bengals really messed me up by losing to the Browns last Sunday. I think their defensive coordinator probably had a field day with his players this week, and hopefully whipped them into shape. I hate the Seahawks, so go BENGALS.

giants at redskins
Line: Redskins by 3.5
When a 2-0 team is only favored by 3.5 over an 0-2 team AT HOME, you know the oddsmakers aren’t confident. In my upset of the week, Giants win.
My pick: Giants 29, Redskins 19
Jennifer’s pick: Is it just me or do we seem to lack a lot of good teams this year? And, do I really care as long as my Packers keep winning? REDSKINS.

panthers at falcons
Line: Panthers by 3.5
Atlanta won’t be able to keep up with Steve Smith and the 10 spares around him.
My pick: Panthers 33, Falcons 10
Jennifer’s pick: So this is how it’s going to be? I pick the Panthers to lose and they win. I pick them for a sure win and they lose. I have a feeling that no matter what I pick here this week, they’ll prove me wrong. I’ll make good with the North Carolinians and pick the Panthers. Unless they really will do the opposite of what I choose, in which case I should pick them to lose so they really win. My head hurts. PANTHERS.

cowboys at bears
Line: Bears by 3
Homer pick alert! Homer pick alert! I think Dallas’ offense will manage at least 2-3 touchdowns against the Bearts. Chicago, on the other hand, won’t be able to keep up, unless Dallas is dumb enough to kick to Hester. Grossman will be benched in this one.
My pick: Cowboys 20, Bears 16
Jennifer’s pick: The Bears seem to keep winning in spite of their QB. The Cowboys look pretty darn good, except for their defense. I know defense wins games, but I don’t see the Bears’ D being able to overcome the Boys good offense and acceptable defense. It hurts me every time I type this. COWBOYS.

titans at saints
Line: Saints by 5
I’ve gotta think the Saints find a little bit of that magic from last year in their home opener on a Monday night. But Tennessee’s tough, and Vince Young will be playing his first Monday nighter, too.
My pick: Saints 31, Titans 27
Jennifer’s pick: What is going on with the Saints?? I haven’t seen them play at all this year, so I can’t really say anything other than speculate that they’ve just lost the magic that transformed them last year. But I’m going to “believe” and hope they pull out a W this week. SAINTS.

One last note from Jennifer: So, last week Billy tells me that even though he’s keeping track of our records, we’re not really competing. Yeah. And when he walked through the electronics department at Wal-Mart TWO MINUTES after they opened, he was just browsing. I know you’ve got that plasma tv hiding somewhere. You can’t keep it hidden from me forever.
Billy’s response: We’ve got the TV at the office as we speak.


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