Sanford TV commercials

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of local TV, particularly city meetings and a few local shows on cable channel 16.
My favorite thing in the world is the local TV commercial, and Sanford’s batch of commercials are wonderful. By wonderful, I mean hilarious.
I’m not knocking the people in them or the people who make them … I’m just saying I enjoy them. And let me add, the Sanford Herald’s commercial is right up there.
Maybe it’s that I know the people in many of the commercials. Maybe it’s the quality …
Sanford’s not alone. I’ve loved local commercials everywhere I’ve been … from the guy who chainsawed mattresses in Houston to the guy who slammed on the hoods of the cars he sold in Lafayette, La.
They’re all awful .. but in a deliciously funny way.
If I ever get a chance to record some of these commercials and YouTube them … I shall.


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