NFL Picks: Week 2

After Week 1, I came away with respectable numbers straight up and against the line. So did Jennifer, and we’re tied heading into Week 2.

Last week’s rundown:
Straight up — Billy 10-6 (10-6 overall); Jennifer 10-6 (10-6 overall)
Against the line — Billy 9-6-1 (9-6-1 overall)
My closest pick: Bengals 28, Ravens 24 (actual score: Bengals 27, Ravens 20)
My worst pick: Falcons 20, Vikings 10 (actual score: Vikings 24, Falcons 3)


bills at steelers
Line: Pittsburgh by 9.5
Buffalo’s had a tough week with the near-paralyzation of Kevin Everett, but it’s hard to pick against a team that’s going to be this motivated for a game. The Bills will play for Everett, and while passion doesn’t always make up for lack of talent, it helps. Steelers win, but Bills cover the spread.
My Pick: Steelers 23, Bills 20
Jennifer: Broncos fans (boo!) must have been horrified to think they’d lose their home opener against the Bills! But I don’t see the same happening with Steelers fans. STEELERS.

bengals at browns
Line: Cincinnati by 7
The Browns were so bad last week, they traded away their starting quarterback. Who trades their starting QB after Week 1? The Bengals had their own problems against Baltimore, but squeaked out a win despite recovering 44 Steve McNair fumbles.
My Pick: Bengals 32, Browns 17
Jennifer: I only half-watched the Bengals Monday night, but felt that they really should have had this game wrapped up by halftime. Especially since it appeared Steve McNair is now on the Bengals roster. It appears the Browns don’t have much of a defense to talk about, so I think this will be an easy win for the BENGALS.

colts at titans
Line: Indianapolis by 7
Tennessee just finds ways to win football games with Vince Young. They had no business beating Jacksonville last week, and they’ll have no business beating the Colts this week. And they won’t beat the Colts … who looked great against New Orleans. But they may cover the spread.
My Pick: Colts 29, Titans 23
Jennifer: I can’t think of two more exciting QBs to watch…unless Young falls victim to the Madden curse, this should be a fun game to watch. But there’s no stopping my COLTS

texans at panthers
Line: Carolina by 6.5
This is a tough game to pick. If you’re a Panthers fan (which many of you are in North Carolina), you know this is a weird team to predict. Few thought they could go into St. Louis and beat up on the Rams, while many believe they can beat Houston. I’m smelling an upset.
My pick: Texans 27, Panthers 24
Jennifer: This is a tough call. I didn’t get to see the Texans last weekend, so did they look that good or did the Chiefs look that bad? I did get to see the Panthers whoop up on the Rams, which made me happy and sad. Sad because I picked the Rams both here and in the in-laws Pick ‘Em…happy because Jake looked really good! I’m going to go with gut and pick the PANTHERS.

49ers at rams
Line: St. Louis by 3
Neither team had any offense last week, even though both were predicted to have a ton of it this year. St. Louis looked bad at home, but I don’t think this happens two weeks in a row.
My pick: Rams 30, 49ers 20
Jennifer: Well, maybe I could care less about these teams. Thanks in part to Mark Bulger who screwed me in fantasy football one year by BLOCKING WITH HIS THROWING SHOULDER and the Rams who just knocked me out of the Pick ‘Em league. I didn’t stay up to watch the Niners play Monday (geez, the game didn’t start until after 10 and I had already stayed up way past my bedtime watching my TIGERS kick some Virginia Tech butt!!) so I can’t say anything about how they looked. RAMS.

packers at giants
Line: Giants by 1
Will Eli play or won’t he? I predict he won’t this week, which changes this game dramatically. New York will struggle mightily with the hefty lefty, Lorenzen. Green Bay, meanwhile, should pick apart New York’s defense.
My pick: Packers 27, Giants 14
Jennifer: GO PACK! Go Brett Favre! Go all those rookies having to start! I’m pulling for PACKERS again!

falcons at jaguars
Line: Jacksonville by 10.5
Both of these teams looked atrocious in Week 1. Only difference is this: Atlanta was expected to look bad, not Jacksonville.
My pick: Jaguars 17, Falcons 3
Jennifer: Two teams I could really care less about. Especially since Joey Harrington is not helping my cause to make the Falcons rock without Vick. JAGS.

saints at bucs
Line: New Orleans by 3.5
The Saints will be out to prove their loss to the Colts isn’t a sign of things to come. Tampa Bay struggled against what I think is a pretty weak Seattle team. This game will be close until the fourth, simply because they’re in Tampa.
My pick: Saints 32, Buccanneers 20
Jennifer: I know the Saints kind of lost it against the Colts, but I’m almost certain the same thing won’t happen with the Bucs. SAINTS. (Happy now, Dad?)

vikings at lions
Line: Detroit by 3
Wow, Detroit beats a 2-14 Raiders team in Week 1, and suddenly they’re favored. I was tough on Minnesota last week because of their QB, Tavaris Jackson. Little did I know Adrian Peterson was going to be the real deal this early. This will be a close one, though, but Detroit gets homefield advantage.
My pick: Lions 24, Vikings 20
Jennifer: Bleh. DETROIT.

cowboys at dolphins
Line: Dallas by 4
This won’t be as easy for Dallas’ offense, which put up 45 against New York. Miami’s defense is good. Problem is … their offense is crap, and Dallas’ defense will be out to prove they’re not the team that gave up 35 to the Giants.
Side note: Remember the last time Dallas went to Miami? Barry Switzer’s ‘boys were facing Jimmy Johnson’s “Fins” for the first time since the Jerry-Jimmy debacle? Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman lit up Miami’s D, and Dallas won … Ahhh, a great moment in Cowboys history.
My pick: Cowboys 28, Dolphins 13
Jennifer: Sorry, Dad. COWBOYS. Although, the Boys have zero defense. Which is ridiculous with Marcus Spears and DeMarcus Ware.

seahawks at cardinals
Line: Seahawks by 3
I sure hope this isn’t another 6-10 season for Arizona, but it kind of looked like it last week. Still, in support of my “Seattle sucks” reasoning, I’m picking Arizona to get Whisenhunt’s first win this week.
My pick: Cardinals 26, Seahawks 21
Jennifer: Stupid. Hate ’em both. SEAHAWKS.

Jets at ravens
Line: Baltimore by 10
I don’t understand the ridiculous line here, but I think Baltimore still wins, based on talent alone.
My pick: Ravens 17, Jets 13
Jennifer: I know the Jets didn’t look swell against the Pats, but that happens when the opponent has Tom Brady AND a spy. And if Steve McNair decides to join the Jets roster, this should be in the bag. JETS.

raiders at broncos
Line: Denver by 10
Oakland finally has an offense, although their “vaunted” defense melted against Detroit. Denver owns this series in Denver, so I’ve gotta go with them.
My pick: Broncos 28, Raiders 13
Jennifer: Homer voice) BOR-ING. But a tough choice. Crap v crappier…and here’s where my percentage gets hurt. RAIDERS. Ooh.

chiefs at bears
Line: Chicago by 12.5
If the Bears lose this, Rex Grossman will be playing for Michigan next week. And he won’t even help them. Still, this won’t be an easy game. I think the Chiefs cover.
My pick: Bears 19, Chiefs 10
Jennifer: Oh, I don’t know which is sadder to watch: Rex Grossman crap it up on the football field or Britney crap up her “comeback” at the VMAs. But even with Grossman playing like he always does, the defense will win this game. BEARS.

chargers at patriots
Line: New England by 4
Hmmm. You just can’t go against Brady at home.
My pick: Patriots 38, Chargers 31
Jennifer: I cannot wait for this game. I am already so excited about this matchup. I have always been a fan of the Pats, but find myself oddly liking the Chargers. Is it because Phillip Rivers kicked butt for me in fantasy football last season? Is it the undeniable pairing of Rivers and L.T.? Whatever it is, I am rooting for them in this matchup. Go CHARGERS.

redskins at eagles
Line: Philadelphia by 7
What Jennifer writes below is correct. I do hate both teams. But I also think Philadelphia is by far the better team, despite their performance against the Packers. This one’s easy, even though I love watching Philly lose.
My pick: Eagles 33, Redskins 13
Jennifer: Ooh, what will Billy do? He HATES both these teams, so it should be fun watching one of them win! EAGLES.


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