Brick City Bowl: No trophy presentation

Lee County Southern Lee helmet

This Friday, Lee County High School and Southern Lee High School will meet on the football field for the second time ever, and they’ll be playing for not only a win, but the “Brick City Bowl” trophy that comes with it.
The trophy — given to Lee County High School last year — was the idea of The Herald, and last year, we were not allowed to present the trophy to the winner following the game because of safety concerns (I’m not real sure of the reasoning either).
This year, our sports department has asked Lee County High School if we could present the trophy to the winning team following the game (since it’s being played at LCHS this year), and once again … we’ve been turned down. According to my sports writer, there are concerns over traffic after the game …
I’m disappointed that for the second year in a row, we’ve not been allowed to do this. In our paper this week, we’ve treated this game as more than a football game, it’s something that’s getting this city excited. Forever, this has been a one-city school … and now that there are two high schools, there are opportunities for fun rivalries, new traditions and more.
We feel like this trophy can be a tradition, but the schools aren’t seeing it that way — for whatever reason.
Sure, presenting the trophy after a football game isn’t the most important thing in the world. I will say our intention with this is NOT to divide the community, or cause jealousy (which I’ve heard was a concern last year).
This is all about having fun — that’s it. Our paper is celebrating this week because this community has something positive to buzz about.
We hope the schools change their mind about allowing a post game presentation. This could be the only trophy either team has a chance to “hoist” this year … we’re going to not allow it for the sake of avoiding a traffic jam?


2 thoughts on “Brick City Bowl: No trophy presentation

  1. I graduated from Western Harnett High School. The school not allowing the Herald to present this trophy is exactly why no one went to the games. Please, allow me to explain. There is no rivalry! That is what college and pro ball is all about. “We don’t want to cause jealousy…”, hello, Sanford. That is what is needed if you want game audiences to grow. Then the fans feel like they are part of the game. You will see excitement in the masses. Cars and vans donning the logos and names of the players on a game night. Heck, there might even be tailgates and post game parties. By not giving this trophy, in essence Sanford is telling the teams, “Everyone is a winner.” That is not what competition is about. There is a winner and a loser. It can be a new tradition that the latter gets their bus egged.

  2. I totally agree with you Billy. I was wondering why there was no trophy presentation at mid-field after either game.

    The safety and traffic excuses are just that. Excuses. For what, I have no idea. In every USSSA basball tournament I’ve ever been to, there was always a trophy presentation after the Championship game on Sundays, right in front of the mound. I don’t recall someone ever having to be transported to a hospital or treated by an EMT for injuries suffered during the trophy presentation. (Pull a finger muscle from clicking the camera button too much maybe?). There are also mid field trophy presentations after bowl games, national championship games and super bowls. Why not the Brick City Bowl?

    Traffic? Please, it couldn’t be any worse than it was when everybody was leaving at the same time, in the rain, this past Friday. With a trophy presentation after the game, the traffic should actually be LESS. Not everyone will stay for the presentation, thus allievating said traffic problems.

    School administrators need to stop being so politically correct and worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. Lighten up, don’t be so thin skinned and celebrate whichever team wins.

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