High School Rivalries

A week from today, Southern Lee High School and Lee County High School will meet on the football field for the second time ever.
So all next week, The Herald is going to make a big deal out of it.
We’re planning a week’s worth of stories on the two schools leading up to the big game. I wasn’t here last year for the match-up, but from what I know already, Lee County won in a high-scoring game, and the stands were packed for the beginning of the cross-town rivalry.
I’ll be there for next Friday’s game (we’re working with the schools to be able to present the “Brick City Trophy” at game’s end). I’m told high school football in North Carolina isn’t as big a deal as it is where I’m from — Texas — and while that’s probably true, that doesn’t mean this game doesn’t mean a lot to Sanford.
Already, the two schools have a chip on their shoulders when it comes to the other. Southern Lee has the shiny new school, the state-bound basketball team and other pluses in only their third year, but Lee County has tradition, and right now, they have the better football team.
I’m sure students there get a big boost from beating Southern Lee.
I was fortunate to go to a high school in Texas — little Como-Pickton High School — that had a rival, the Cooper Bulldogs. We hated everything about Cooper, from their arrogant attitudes (they DID beat us in most sports) to the silly way they pronounced their name (it wasn’t coo-per, it was cup-per … still angers me today).
We’ll try to take a closer look at the budding rivalry here in Sanford all week, but we need your help of course. If you have a story idea for us, or if you’re a student (or parent) and you want to be a part of our coverage, let me know.
I can be contacted by e-mail at bliggett@sanfordherald.com, or call me at (919) 718-1226.
Here’s hoping for an eventful rivalry week, and here’s hoping the “rivalry” itself turns into something this city can be proud of.


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