Redesign: Day 3


Fewer stories on the front does not mean fewer stories in the newspaper.
I’ve had one reader call me to tell me we don’t look like a “newspaper” anymore. Actually, I take it as a compliment.
You read constantly about newspapers losing readers. You hear they’re going extinct.
To answer this, newspapers have to think a little differently.
We can no longer be everything to everybody … but we can be dedicated to local news. You’re not going to buy The Sanford Herald to find out about a missing woman in California. You’ll buy us to find out about what’s going on in our area.
We’ll leave it to the thousands of cable news networks, national newspapers and Internet sites to keep you informed on Paris Hilton’s latest club incident. But if Paris ever gets spotted at Local Joe’s in Downtown Sanford, then you’ll probably see it in our paper.
As for the not looking like a newspaper, I think we still look like a newspaper … just not like everybody else.
And what’s wrong with that?


One thought on “Redesign: Day 3

  1. I love the redesign..except it takes me forever to read the paper now, since I am so used to reading the “old” version…..and I was at a little kid birthday party with my 2 little kids today, and three different people told me they like the new design too. So there!! 🙂

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