Redesign: Day 1

Day 1 redesign

Well, here it is. I’ve sort of said what I’ve had to say about it in previous blogs and in this week’s paper. I’m pasting what I wrote for Tuesday’s paper below. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

There’s definitely a change


The headline has special meaning to me. It’s the first words I heard after showing off the first rough drafts of our redesign during a read ers forum we hosted back in the spring.
Yes, there’s definitely a change, and we hope it’s one that you approve of.
We at The Herald announced in April that we were going to redesign our newspaper, changing not only the look, but the feel and the focus of our daily product.
We want to look more pro fessional. We want to be more relevant. We want to be more local. It started by us going page by page through our paper and pointing out the things that didn’t serve our readers well.
We noticed features like our comics and Dear Abby weren’t always in the same place. We noticed we used entirely too much national and world news … too much for a local newspaper our size. We noticed little cos metic things that we didn’t like … just nobody decided to change them over the years.
The result? We feel like we’re presenting a newspaper that’s easier to read, easier to follow and more informative to people in Lee, Chatham, Moore and Harnett counties.
You’ll see my face on Page 2A beginning tomorrow and throughout the week pointing out some of the subtle chang es. The first one I’ll point out today is our “C” section, Carolina. You’re used to see ing it just on Wednesdays and Sundays, but now it’s a daily feature. Inside Carolina, you’ll find all the features in one place (including the introduc tion of Sudoku, the popular numbers game on C4).
With all this “newness” will come a bump here and there.
Today won’t be perfect, but it’s a great start, we feel.
E-mail your comments or suggestions to me at
I’m extremely interested in hearing what you have to say about what we feel is an improved product.


2 thoughts on “Redesign: Day 1

  1. From what I’m seeing, it looks great! My dad called me and told me all about the first redesign issue he saw; he was impressed — not only with the design but with the commitment to more local news.

    I dropped the ethics class and am now in one overwhelming-looking newswriting class… but I think I’ll be okay.

    Good job on the redesign! And see you & everybody else next summer!

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