Movie Reviews: ‘Superbad’ and ‘High School Musical 2’

That’s right, I’m reviewing two movies about the same subject (the end of high school), but beyond that, couldn’t be more different if one of them was a Caribbean vacation and the other was a gym sock.
The shocking part of all of this is … I liked both of them. Go figure.



There are more F-bombs than “Scarface” (they’ve counted). There is more mention of body parts (the private kind) than any film ever (they’ve probably counted). There’s a dance scene about half-way through this movie that will probably make you sick.
All of that said, this movie has a heart.
Yes, it’s hilarious … I haven’t laughed this hard since “Borat,” which I think made me pull a gut muscle. Yes, it’s crude and it’s probably not for everybody.
But the body part jokes, the sex talk … it’s how most teenage boys talk to each other. The relationship between Jonah Hill and Michael Cera’s characters (shown) is like the relationship I had with my best friend in college.
And the film’s heart is about how these boys are dealing with going to separate colleges. The buddy relationship they’ve known for years is about to end, and this movie revolves around their last “hurrah” … getting into a party and getting the girls of their dreams.
There’s a hilarious subplot between two cops, a boy named McLovin and their joyride. But you’ve seen the commercials.
I loved this movie, and I’m sure I’ll see it again and again … not just for the humor, but for the memories. Well, not the dance scene memory …
Grade: **** 1/2
(four and a half stars out of 5)

High School Musical 2


Take Superbad and stick it through the Disney grinder. Beat away the humor and anything that resembles real life. Add a few Gap commercials and throw in a boatload of sugar.
That’s this movie — a Disney-produced film that’s designed to make millions of teenage boys and girls (and preteens … and kindergarteners) want to buy stuff.
I watched this movie on the Disney channel, of course, Saturday night, and I made fun of just about everything I saw to my wife. A dance off between baseball teams breaks out in the middle of a game. Yes, a dance off.
It gets worse.
But, between all the fluff and stuff that would make most 31-year-old men beg for Sportscenter … I found a movie that does what it’s meant to do, and does it well. It entertains kids.
I’ll be a parent some day, and I’d rather my children love something like this than video games where they get to kill cops. I’d rather my little girl own a High School Musical 8 DVD than most of the other nonsense out there.
It’s clean fun. And actually, the kids aren’t bad performers. The lead guy, Teeny McSteamypants I think it is … has talent. So does his girlfriend and the surrounding characters. They’ll all do well in life until they hit their Britney/Lindsay stage. I suppose Disney does that to you.
So despite the fact that this movie isn’t for me, I appreciate it.
Grade: ** 1/2
(two and a half stars out of 5)

Superbad: **** 1/2
The Simpsons Movie: **** 1/2
Harry Potter (Phoenix): ****
High School Musical: ** 1/2
Transformers: *


3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: ‘Superbad’ and ‘High School Musical 2’

  1. I didn’t like High School Musical 2, I realy loved the first one, I loved the songs, the message. but this one got a little lost and I think it just concentrated on Zac Efron and how hes so fab. :/
    Superbad was amazing! The language was a little much after awhile but it made me laugh like crazy

  2. high school musicla 2 and1 is the beast.
    i love you high school musicla 2 and1 you are the best.
    where do you live troy pass this to all of them where do yo0u live.
    and how old are you.

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