Herald’s bloggers multiply

Jon Owens in thoughtHerald staff writer Jonathan Owens has begun his own blog, and you can visit it here.
He’ll write about local businesses and will tie his home on the Web in with his weekly business column at The Herald. He’ll also gush about his Tar Heels and whatever else it is he likes.
An example of his musings: “Today is the ending of an era. A turning of a page.
Bob Barker’s final episode on the greatest game show in history, The Price is Right, just aired, and as I sit at my desk, only sadness grips me.
Barker has been with me from the beginning. I remember sitting in my living room on summer days as a child (when I should have been outside playing or working) watching fantacizing about one day being on The PIR, playing Plinko or the mountain climbing game or putting alongside the long miked man with the white hair.”

Riveting stuff


Speaking of businesses, Lowe’s Foods in Sanford impressed my wife, Jennifer, and I this week with a prompt answer to a question we had about our receipt Sunday. I don’t know what Greenpoints are (my wife does), but long story short, they got something wrong on our receipt. An e-mail from my wife Sunday was answered this morning, and apparantly our problems have been solved.

Yay customer service.


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