Redesign … a first glance

Redesigned June 6 Original design

For the past two months, The Sanford Herald has conducted meetings, readership forums, attended design seminars and had several brainstorming sessions concerning our redesign, which we are planning to launch in August.

Along the way, we have created prototypes of each of our sections, including new sections we will introduce when the redesign is complete.

Part of the reason for this blog is to discuss the process that is going into our redesign effort. Today, I’m revealing an example of what we want our front page to become. The first photo above is a small example of our redesigned front page, compared to the original design for that page, which was published on June 6.

Our redesign is much more than our front page, however. It’s redesigning our sections to include easier-to-read news, it’s re-focusing our newspaper to become more local and more relevant to our community, and it’s rethinking the way we layout our paper … with more features that are anchored in the paper, which makes them easier to find.

I appreciate any comments on this prototype above, and I will continue to reveal examples of our redesign effort all the way up until the launch date. Keep in mind, nothing below is set in stone, but this is the direction we want to go.


One thought on “Redesign … a first glance

  1. Billy,

    The redesign is looking good. I like the statement below. I for one am tired of seeing local stories in the Fayetteville Observer that never make The Sanford Herald. Thank you!

    “it’s re-focusing our newspaper to become more local and more relevant to our community”

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