I was a ‘Sleepy Hollow’ extra

In December, I was fortunate enough to be cast as an extra in the season-finale of “Sleepy Hollow,” which aired Jan. 20, 2014 on Fox. I was thrilled when I learned I’d actually be “doing something” in the part (rather than standing in as background noise) … dressed in 18th Century servants clothing, I served drinks to Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and his father (Victor Garber) in Purgatory. Continue reading I was a ‘Sleepy Hollow’ extra

About that gun control thing I wrote …

Thank you for the kind words and the not-so-kind words on what I wrote yesterday. To clarify a few things … it wasn’t written solely on emotion. I’ve always felt this way and am ashamed it took a bunch of first-graders getting mowed down for me to express it. Second, there are exceptions, but the majority of clear-headed people who want “gun control” (and yes, … Continue reading About that gun control thing I wrote …

It’s time for a change …

There’s an episode of Family Guy where Brian discovers he has a son and goes on to annoy Peter and his friends because he begins over-reacting to potential scenarios that would harm his son. “Ohhh, no no no,” he tells a sympathetic Quagmire while talking about plane crashes. “Until you have a child. Until you have a child. You do not understand. OK?” Sigh. I … Continue reading It’s time for a change …

Review: Brick City Oyster Bar in Sanford NC

Address: 1609 S. Horner Blvd. Sanford NC Website: http://brickcityoysterbar.com My Dish: Shrimp and Grits The Rundown: There are some really great places to eat in Sanford, North Carolina. And there are some really awful places to eat in Sanford, North Carolina. I suppose this is true anywhere. So I don’t really know where I was going with that. I will say there are some very average … Continue reading Review: Brick City Oyster Bar in Sanford NC

REVIEW: Battistella’s in downtown Raleigh

BATTISTELLA’S Address: 200 E. Martin St., Raleigh NC Website: http://www.battistellas.com/ My Dish: Crawfish Etouffee, BBQ Shrimp for Appetizer The Rundown: My wife is a born-and-raised Cajun from Lafayette, Louisiana. Needless to say, the first time we noticed a fleur-de-lis in the window of Battistella’s in downtown Raleigh, we were intrigued. And nervous. I lived in south Louisiana for nearly five years and in that time, became … Continue reading REVIEW: Battistella’s in downtown Raleigh

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

I’ll begin with a confession. I think Christopher Nolan is tops. He’s the bee’s knees. From Memento to Inception and all three of the Batman films, he can do no wrong in my eyes. So take that little grain of salt while reading my thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises,” which I half expected to be a dud after reading several reviews (even positive ones) … Continue reading Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Spring 2012 Campbell Magazine

CLICK COVER TO READ ISSUU VERSION This is my second Campbell Magazine since joining the university last summer. This edition was designed by Jonathan Bronsink, and our cover is an oil painting of Campbell’s oldest building, Kivett Hall, done by a Campbell graphic design major, Laura Guzman (who’s featured in the magazine for her internship last summer as a tattoo artist). I’ve said to many … Continue reading Spring 2012 Campbell Magazine

Published in CASE Currents

It’s officially been eight months since my last blog post, which coincides with the length of time I’ve been away from newspapers. For the past 2/3s of a year, I’ve been a magazine editor and social media guru for Campbell University in Buies Creek. I’ve also dabbled in freelancing, writing articles for The Sanford Herald, The Sanford Pottery Festival and most recently, Currents Magazine, which … Continue reading Published in CASE Currents